Country Living in East Texas


I’m having a good day and am rather in a contemplative mood.  The book is finally published on Kindle (The Road Taken) and we here in east Texas are having sunshine and 62 degrees.  Of course, in the next couple of days, we’ll have the cold onslaught  that so many are having now.

But the sun is streaming in my window and I can see a red-breasted woodpecker ranging up and down the smooth trunk of a leafless tree.  The bird feeder is almost empty and the backyard is full of birds.  So pleasant.  There are times when I really miss living in the city but living in the country certainly has its compensations.  Walking in the country is connecting with nature…..and, in my case, reconnecting with my past.  My sister Peggy and I live in the same house we grew up in so memories really crowd around all along the so familiar road.  I’m always aware, for instance, when I pass near the hillside where my mother lived the year she was 22, met and fell in love with my father. That was in 1922!  The place was called Mulberry Hill then.  Peggy and I may be the only two people now who remember this cow pasture was once romantic Mulberry hill.

I have cousins living in every house on this long block except two. Both my daughters and my four grandchildren have loved this place.  I guess Peggy and I have bequeathed a sense of deep rootedness to them.  For that, I am happy.  We need wings but also roots.

My East Texas walking trail

My walking trail

 Walking essentially the same route each time I walk, I love noticing the seasonal changes in the trees and the wide range of colors in the countryside.  We’ll talk another day…..