The Road Taken: A Woman’s Life In and Out of the Pulpit – See What’s New!!

book cover-Road Taken-Tate Pub

THE ROAD TAKEN is now in paperback! Recently published by Tate Publishing , the book Is available at, Barnes& as well as major book stores.

Here’s the news release…LUFKIN, Texas — Author Victoria Davidson announces the nationwide release of her new book, “The Road Taken: A Woman’s Life In and Out of the Pulpit,” where she shares a personal story of both the professional and everyday family life of a minister.

In “The Road Taken: A Woman’s Life In and Out of the Pulpit,” the author shares how a minister’s life is a curious mixture of pain and deep joy, of public performance and private agony, of blessed assurance and a hell of doubt.

This book explains how the personal is never really separated from the public nor the public from the personal. Being female adds extra to an already complex and even mystifying profession. Join Davidson in this enlightening read as she shares insights and experiences of life inside and outside the pulpit.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Davidson, who is a graduate of Southern Methodist University’s Perkins School of Theology, has been a United Methodist minister for over 35 years. Currently retired, she lives in East Texas with her husband, Steve Paul. She has two daughters and four grandchildren.


1 thought on “The Road Taken: A Woman’s Life In and Out of the Pulpit – See What’s New!!

  1. This is an extraordinary book by an extraordinary woman! A minister’s life is challenging enough for anyone who takes up the mantle for Christ but Victoria Davidson’s journey was a trial by fire due to obstacles which arose simply because she was a woman. The reader will admire Victoria’s courage, humility, and determination to succeed in a profession no one wanted her to enter. The road she travelled was filled with pot holes but Victoria persevered, thus becoming an inspiring trailblazer for any woman wishing to enter the ministry today.

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